10 April

The Super Free Match

The World’s Best AC manufacturers have now made their way to GOD’s own country to don the title of Best AC in Kerala and in today’s edition we will check one of the most unique technologies that are made available by GREE – The Super free match is the latest generation of multiple inverter air conditioners from Gree. It can connect upto nine indoor units each with a different decoration requirement and can still produce steady operation. The technology also offers higher energy efficiency under low noise which is more comfortable with a modern living environment. The high-efficiency DC brushless fan motor offers greater efficiency under reduced operation noise. Its Turbo cooling is achieved by exactly controlling the EXVs and also in real time protection of the temperature sensors.  The flexible piping connections allowed the gas and liquid stop well to be attached from different directions for a seamless installation. The new ‘2-1’ pass high-efficiency heat exchanger design allows for an increased heat exchanging effect thereby reducing refrigerant pressure, with higher reliability.

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