10 April

The Hydronic Air Handling Unit

The World’s Best AC manufacturers have now made their way to GOD’s own country to don the title of Best AC in Kerala and in today’s edition we will check one of the most unique technologies that are made available by GREE – The Hydronic Air Handling Unit

 Gree’s hydronic air handling unit has a mesmerizing appearance as well as a well-maintained compact structure. It also offers high rigidity and low leakage rate, not to mention extremely convenient installation and maintenance process. Its functionality is applicable in commercial, residential as well as industrial provinces. Its unique features include a special painted steel plate which offers anti-corrosion properties. The entire surface of the frame is anodized with aluminium extrusion which provides a good anti-corrosion performance as well as a sleek finish. The case is designed to reduce torsional deflection and wind pressure so as to ensure stable performance in any and all environment. This is done by making use of a 2mm Aluminium extruded section and a 3D glass fibre angle brace. The air handling unit also has a unique anti-cold bridge aluminium alloy with high-pressure polyurethane in the double layer panel, this is in addition to the already existing neoprene and PVC ceiling structure. The combined efforts of both these features ensure a leakage rate of case within just one percent. All the intermediate parts are connected with cooling coils and insulated to avoid condensation of water.

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