10 April

The Fan Coil Unit

The World’s Best AC manufacturers have now made their way to GOD’s own country to don the title of Best AC in Kerala and in today’s edition we will check one of the most unique technologies that are made available by GREE – The Fan Coil Unit.


GREE’s fan coil unit consists of mainly four types

  • The cassette type
  • Floor ceiling type
  • Concealed ceiling type
  • Wall mounted type.


And all models of the fan coil unit can be widely adopted in public places as it has an index of unique features such as that it is low weight and can provide bigger or volume under the same motor. It has a good consistency between the vane angle and volute cavity and is optimised by CFD software which offers higher efficiency. The volute itself is divided into an upper and lower part for easy removal. Its unique design allows for lower noise at each fan speed. It also allows for efficient air flow through the air passage which greatly increases aerodynamic noise.

Residential Air Conditioner

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