10 April

The Air Handling Unit

The World’s Best AC manufacturers have now made their way to GOD’s own country to don the title of Best AC in Kerala and in today’s edition we will check one of the most unique technologies that are made available by GREE – The Air Handling Unit.

 The air handling unit consists of a cooling coil, fan, motor, filter and a heat insulation cabinet. Its functions range from cooling, dehumidifying, purifying and distributing the processed air to each of the districts by the duct.

Its unique features include

It consists of a double flange made of aluminium fin and imported special equipment which is combined with a copper pipe by means of mechanical expanding with a different cooling coil so as to ensure high efficiency to the complete unit.

The air handling unit makes use of a high-quality motor which also has a high-efficiency centrifugal fan with an optimized design for stable extension and also low noise.

The new age heat exchanger makes use of gravitational as well as heat transfer principles for a highly efficient heat exchange and also province water freezing completely in the winter.

Residential Air Conditioner

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