10 April

Innovative Sleep Modes

It’s a fact that outside the office environment most of the residential ACs is used mainly for the comfort they provide during sleep. GREE’s very own sleep technology has developed 4 kinds of brand new sleep modes that have yet to be introduced in other AC brands and models. The sleep modes are defined as:

  • Comfortable: The temperature is set to near body temperature and will automatically and intelligently make the necessary changes in the temperature
  • Wake-Up: You can set the wake-up time so that just before you wake up the temperature will increase or decrease based on your comforts.
  • Afternoon Nap: The model will intelligently adjust the temperature in accordance with your characteristics and ensure a good nap.
  • DIY: This mode gives you full control over the temperature range and you can set when you need the temperature to increase or decrease during the course of your sleep.


The World’s Best AC manufacturers have now made their way to GOD’s own country to don the title of Best AC in Kerala. 

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