Gree was founded in 1991. It takes “Independent Innovation” as the development concept and “To build a centenary enterprise” as the business goal. It is highly reputable both at home and abroad for its advanced technologies, strict quality control, unique sales mode and complete after-sales service. The company has its headquarters in Zhuhai, a beautiful coastal city in the south of China, with over 80,000 employees.

Gree has established 11 production bases around the world. GREE also institutes a total of 12 institutes, 72 research institutions and 727 advanced laboratories, over 10,000 researchers and has also developed 24 “world leading” technologies. Gree products are classified into 20 categories, 400 series, and over 12700 models, with 36,949 technology patents, including 15,253 invention patents. They are sold widely in more than 160 countries and regions, to more than 300 million users all across the world.

WhyIndia Pvt Ltd is an innovative establishment that aims to bring international brands to Indian shores. They specialize in home appliances and their latest feather in cap achievement is to bring in world renowned Air Conditioner brand – GREE to GODs own Country.

Springfield Cool Hub Pvt. Ltd. has the biggest branch of GREE Air Conditioner showroom in Kerala and head the proceedings in both Thiruvananthapuram and Patanamthitta districts and also helm the online promotions of GREE Air Conditioners.